Battery Charger Combo 48/52V (max. 58,8V)

$ 109,00

This is a good quality tested charger. With all adjustable volts setting, so you can charge you 48V AND 52V Battery.

This version is especially ready for your MATE-X li-ion battery with the right connections.

  • Intelligent 48/52V Battery Charger (max. 58,8V)
  • Position 1: Max Volts setting: 100% charging for a 52V battery
  • Position 2: Smart Volts setting 90% charging for a 52V battery (enlarges battery life)
  • Position 3: Low Volts settings 100% charging for a 48V battery
  • Enlarge Battery Life: 90% (easy setting)
  • Current: 4 Amperes
  • RCA connecting plug (eg. Mate-X)
  • Intelligent charging (auto shut-off)
  • Operates from 110-240 Volts
  • EU plug
  • Cooling Fan

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 27 × 17 × 10 cm


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