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We are Ebike lovers like you!

In 2019 I saw this nice Mate-X promo video an I felt for the first time in love with a electric bike. I like it, I want it, I need it, now! So I got one.

As being raised with bicycles and driving everywhere with them: on the street-roads in the city, on bridges and small narrow alleys and off-road through the forests: on grass and muddy trails, I know that (simple) mod’s or upgrades can make bicycling easier and more enjoyable. Due my natural interest in electronics I also like to use electric tools, like automated pumps, etc. But then the Dutch in me woke up and started to question: where can I buy quality stuff, can it be locally sourced (circularity), what is good for me? We all know that in the (mid-)long term you always benefit to buy tested and proofed products compared to the cheapest options. Who can inform me about their experiences?
Then I started following communities on different platforms and was absorbing all day-by-day experiences, technical advises, from geeks, techies and just ebike lovers.

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