Antispark XT60 Connector

Will a regular XT 90 work with an female XT 90 antispark?
Yes it will. Only the female is antispark there is no such thing as a male antispark XT 90. The thing that makes the XT 90 antispark is resistors, these resistors only exist in the female part of the connector.

The green is the resistor. This basically allows a small amount of electricity to come in so when you are plugging in halfway enough electricity is coming in so it does not spark when plugged in the rest of the way.

Note: Do not leave the connector plugged in halfway, using high power while plugged in halfway will heat up and melt the resistor. While it may be enough to power on your system, you want to make sure it is fully plugged in each time.

This is plugged in partway where only the resistor is connecting

This is plugged in all the way.

Safe connecting.